DIY hydrogen fuel cell, Build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Published: 24th November 2009
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You probably heard from someone about how he made his own DIY hydrogen fuel cell.. Or perhaps when you read categories about cars or automotive, you come across topics about making your own HHO generator to make cars run on water. Just what is DIY hydrogen fuel cell. anyway and how is it important in today's cars?

Why Water Powered Cars Are In Demand

Water powered cars are very much popular nowadays because fuel prices are getting higher and higher each year. Car owners are now being encouraged to supplement their existing fuel with water to minimize environmental issues. But most importantly, people use HHO generator on their car to lower their gas mileage.

The generator can truly be made right at home, even if the car owner has no background on automotive or mechanical engineering. This is because there are many DIY hydrogen fuel cell guides available nowadays. These guides can be downloaded for free off the Internet or it can be bought from bookstores and other professional sources. With simple instructions, technical diagrams, and components, people can already build a hydrogen fuel and run a car on water.

How Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work

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Actually, the HHO generator breaks down the molecules of the water into the separate components of oxygen and hydrogen. Technically, you can't actually purely generate hydrogen out of water. Extracting pure hydrogen from water is not only difficult but dangerous as well. However, what we do to make cars run on water is to generate HHO gas or what is known as Brown's gas. This is used to fuel the automobile when HHO gas or Brown's gas combines with the gasoline fuel of the car. The generation of Brown's gas from water is the easy part and is the center of DIY hydrogen fuel cell plans.

Since it is easy to make an HHO generator, people can readily make this right from their home. They can get guides for free in the Internet or they can buy guides. No matter where they get the guides, they can truly make DIY hydrogen generators anytime.

Most people are already making HHO generator for their car. This is because Brown's gas increases gas mileage. Other notable benefit when cars run on water is the quiet and smooth running engine condition. At the end, the cars will have increased engine life. As for the environment, it is obvious that there is lesser air pollution from water powered cars.

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1. What Is The Gas 4 Free System All About?
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It is an externally built system that can be inserted into a car to make hydrogen fuel. The end result is that you would be powering your car with a mixture of gasoline and water. This technology has actually already been found many years ago, but was never really commercialized due to its potentially serious impact on the oil industry.

Many people are also afraid to try the system because they do not understand how the system works, and fear that it might be a scam or too dangerous. In fact, Gas 4 Free is a very safe system that has provided me with a great solution to the high gasoline price problem.

2. Why Build a Water Hybrid Car System Instead of Using 100% Gasoline?

It is possible that car manufacturers will soon adopt this technology and develop their automobiles to run partially or completely on water. It would reduce your dependency on fossil fuel, reducing your stress when oil prices spike in the future. This system is ultimately very easy to build, and all the parts can be found at any nearby hardware store.

3. How Does Gas 4 Free System Work?

This system breaks down water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas using the electrical process called electrolysis. It then channels the hydrogen into the engine air intake system where it will then be combusted to produce energy to power the car.

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This is what the Gas4Free system will do for you:

-Double or even triple your mileage: Of course this is a little bit dependent on what type of vehicle you own. Some pickup/SUV's have been known to increase mileage as much as 283% running on the Gas4Free system. Some customers are saving over $100 per week!

-Eliminate emissions that damage your health and the environment. Once "burned" the hydrogen gas converts safely back into water. No harmful chemicals are emitted. You will be able to smell and BREATHE the difference.

-Enhance the performance of your vehicle. Big rig trucks suddenly pull better going up hills because their engines are so clean! Enjoy a calmer, quieter ride as the water smoothes out the combustion cycle of your engine.

-Remove carbon build up. The enhanced burn of HHO gas has the effect of actually cleaning deposits out of your engine. This also leads to a cooler running engine.

-You can feel good again about driving. You don't have to skulk around in your big gas guzzling vehicle any more. If you drive an SUV or a big truck you no longer have to explain about polluting the environment anymore. Instead you can tell others, with a sense of pride, about how you converted your car from being a gas guzzler into an economy and environment saving water burner.

-You can choose to be a leader in your community and spread your new knowledge and experience. You can even sell this service and make some income for yourself. Not only can you use the technology to teach people how to save money but you may even give people who are poorer the means to start being able to afford to drive a car again because they do not have to pay so much for gas!

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